Installing Air Conditioning in Your Home


Adding air conditioning to an existing home is often a big project, but it can be worth it if you live in a warm climate. There are several different options for adding air conditioning, but depending on the structure and available space, AC installation may require some non-traditional solutions.  Installing New Air Conditioning In many homes, air conditioning was not an option, so if you are considering an AC installation, you will need to have the entire system put into the house.

15 December 2020

Buying A New Air Conditioner? What To Know About The SEER Rating


Do you need to purchase a new air conditioner, but are a bit confused by all of the different ratings that each air conditioner has and what makes them different? Here is what you need to know about the SEER rating, which you will be seeing on every central air conditioner that is sold. What Is A SEER Rating? SEER is an acronym that stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating, and it's a way to essentially measure how energy efficient one air conditioner is when compared to another.

9 December 2020

Three Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber


There are emergencies, and then there are emergencies. While the former can usually wait until regular working hours to be taken care of, the latter needs to be addressed immediately, or else irreparable damage to your home and your family's health will quickly become a priority. It is always good to have a company that offers 24-hour emergency plumber services on standby, for the reasons that are outlined below. While the cost may be more than a regular service call, the cost of waiting may be even higher.

16 November 2020

2 Things To Do To Keep Your Kitchen Pipes Clear


If your kitchen sink is draining slowly, you want to get it working again as quickly as possible. A slow-draining sink can stink and make it hard for you to do things in your kitchen. One thing that you can do is have a plumber come out and clean your pipes out for you. Once they have cleaned out the pipes and gotten rid of all the gunk that builds up on the sides of your pipes during normal wear and tear, you want to make sure that you continue to keep those pipes as clean as possible for as long as possible.

14 October 2020

AC Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide To Identify Problems And Get Your System Repaired Quickly


The latest AC technology that has become a popular choice for the heating and cooling needs of homes is an AC heat pump. Even though these systems work more efficiently and are less vulnerable to wear, you are still probably going to have issues that you need to troubleshoot. The following AC heat pump troubleshooting guide will help you find what is causing the issue so you can have your HVAC repaired quickly:

16 September 2020

Don't Put Off Or Forget Air Conditioning Maintenance Or Your AC May Break Down Or Cost More To Operate


Air conditioning maintenance is an important part of homeownership. Regular service helps the equipment have a longer life, just like regular maintenance reduces the risk of your car breaking down. Plus, your power bills will probably be lower because clean and properly functioning equipment is more efficient. Here are some things to know about air conditioning maintenance. How Often Your AC Needs Maintenance If you have a common split HVAC, the air conditioner has two parts to it.

9 September 2020

AC Maintenance And Care Recommendations For Your Home Cooling System


When the outside temperature warms up during the peak of summer each day, the heat can be sweltering and threaten to heat up your home interior. With heat being such a health risk to cause heat illness, you will want to do all you can to protect your family against heat stress, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke, which can put you in the hospital. Here are some recommendations to help you take the best care of your AC unit and ensure it keeps your home cool during the heat of summer.

7 August 2020

Boiler Repair Troubleshooting Tips to Help You Get to the Bottom of Biomass Problems


If you have a biomass radiant heating system, the boiler needs unique care to ensure your heating works and you have hot water. Therefore, you should troubleshoot problems with your boiler to know the type of repairs that need to be done. The following guide will help you identify problems with your biomass system: Fuel Feeding Systems for Biomass The biomass boiler uses a fuel feeding system. This can be a silo with a hopper that delivers fuel materials to the boiler or an auger feeding system.

8 July 2020

3 Times You Need To Call In A Professional For Help With Your Furnace


When you have a furnace, it is important for you to understand when you can fix your furnace yourself and when you need to bring in a professional to help. There are times when a professional is needed to ensure your furnace is properly fixed. Your Furnace Smells Foul If your furnace smells foul, like eggs that have gone bad, you have a big problem. That bad egg smell means that your finance is leaking out natural gas.

15 June 2020

Why Your Water Heater May Be Tripping The Reset Button


It is not a good feeling to head to the shower, switch on the hot water, and only get lukewarm water coming out of the faucet. The first thing to do is inspect the water heater to see if you can detect the issue. You may have noticed that there is a reset alert flashing or a red reset button that has popped out, depending on the model of water heater that you have, requiring that you switch the heating system back on.

3 June 2020