AC Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide To Identify Problems And Get Your System Repaired Quickly


The latest AC technology that has become a popular choice for the heating and cooling needs of homes is an AC heat pump. Even though these systems work more efficiently and are less vulnerable to wear, you are still probably going to have issues that you need to troubleshoot. The following AC heat pump troubleshooting guide will help you find what is causing the issue so you can have your HVAC repaired quickly:

Tripping breakers and underlying heat pump problems—Problems with electrical wiring and tripped breakers can affect your AC heat pump. Sometimes, the tripped breaker is due to a power surge, but if it happens repeatedly—there may be an underlying issue. Some of the problems that cause breakers to trip include:

  • Seized or damaged blower motor
  • Damaged wiring that causes short circuits
  • Damaged controls that cause short circuits

The electrical problems need to be repaired if your system keeps tripping the breakers when the thermostat sends a signal to the heat pump to turn on.

Thermostat issues and checking the HVAC temperature settings—For your heat pump to work correctly, the HVAC thermostat needs to be on the right settings. During the summer months, it should be on the cooling setting, and during winter, it should be on the heating setting. The thermostat should also have the batteries and wires checked if the system is not turning on when it is on the right settings.

Airflow problems that can be solved with air handler and blower repairs—Airflow is important for AC heat pump HVAC. These systems require efficient airflow to provide your home with the heating and cooling it needs. Therefore, problems with these systems are often due to issues with the blower fan or the air handler. If there is insufficient airflow coming from vents, these areas likely need to be repaired to ensure they are working properly.

Issues with the AC heat pump heating elements that cause HVAC malfunctions—The heat pump using a heating element for the thermal exchange to remove heat or provide heat to your home depending on your thermostat settings. The heating element can be damaged or may need to be replaced if your system is not heating nor cooling. Call an AC repair service to inspect the heating element and repair it if this is the cause of your HVAC system not working as it should.

These are issues with AC heat pumps that you will want to look for when troubleshooting your system. You can call an AC repair service for help with these repairs to get your HVAC working again quickly.


16 September 2020

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