3 Times You Need To Call In A Professional For Help With Your Furnace


When you have a furnace, it is important for you to understand when you can fix your furnace yourself and when you need to bring in a professional to help. There are times when a professional is needed to ensure your furnace is properly fixed.

Your Furnace Smells Foul

If your furnace smells foul, like eggs that have gone bad, you have a big problem. That bad egg smell means that your finance is leaking out natural gas. Although natural gas doesn't have a smell, the smell is added to the gas so you can identify if a gas leak is happening in your home.

If you smell something bad or you hear hissing and smell something rotten coming from your furnace, you need to get out of your home. Don't try to turn off your gas appliances, and don't turn on any lights. If you can quickly open windows on your way out of the house, do so.

If you have a vehicle in the garage, don't start it. Get away from your home and call emergency services and let them know you have a gas leak. They will turn off the gas. Then, call an HVAC contractor to come out and fix your furnace. A leaking gas furnace is a really serious issue, which requires the intervention of emergency services and a professional HVAC technician.

Your Furnace Is Blowing Out Cold Air

Your furnace is designed to blow out warm air. If your furnace is blowing out cold air, check and make sure the blower isn't clogged with debris.

Also, check the light on your furnace. If the light is flashing red or isn't flashing at all, you need to call in a professional. A red flashing light means that your furnace needs service. If there is no green or red flashing light at all, then that means a more serious issue is happening. Your motor could be blown, the capacitor could be damaged, the control board or transformer could be blown, or something may be wrong with the thermostat.

The Pilot Light Isn't the Right Color

The pilot light for your furnace should always be blue. If the light is a yellow color instead of a blue color, that means you have a combustion issue. A combustion issue means that you probably have too much carbon monoxide being released by your system. When your pilot light is yellow, that means all the natural gas is not burning off. You need to call in a professional and ask them to come out right away. The technician may just need to clean the burner assembly, or they may need to replace it entirely.

If your furnace is emitting a bad smell, get out of your house quickly, and call emergency services and then your HVAC professional. If your furnace is blowing cold air or the pilot light isn't blue, you need to get a professional in to fix your unit as soon as possible. Look for an HVAC contractor near you for more information. 


15 June 2020

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