Don't Put Off Or Forget Air Conditioning Maintenance Or Your AC May Break Down Or Cost More To Operate


Air conditioning maintenance is an important part of homeownership. Regular service helps the equipment have a longer life, just like regular maintenance reduces the risk of your car breaking down. Plus, your power bills will probably be lower because clean and properly functioning equipment is more efficient. Here are some things to know about air conditioning maintenance.

How Often Your AC Needs Maintenance

If you have a common split HVAC, the air conditioner has two parts to it. One is the indoor air handler that is also part of your furnace, and the other is the outside AC unit. When you have your HVAC serviced by a professional on an established schedule, the air handler is cleaned and maintained twice a year.

The first time is when air conditioning season starts and the second is when heating season starts. The outside AC unit is usually just serviced once a year in the spring. However, since it is exposed to the outdoor elements, it needs frequent DIY checks all season long.

What Happens During A Maintenance Call

The air conditioning maintenance technician performs several tasks and should provide you with a checklist showing all the work that was done. Since both the air handler and outside condenser are serviced for an air conditioning maintenance call, the technician works inside and outside of your house.

They'll clean the outdoor unit if it needs it and check the electronic parts. They'll look for damage and replace parts if needed. This is an important step since running the AC with damaged parts in the condenser could lead to failure of a major part that is costly to replace later.

Important parts to check in the condenser are the fan, fan motor, condenser coils, capacitor, fins, and refrigerant. The pressure of the refrigerant should be in a specific range, and if it isn't, that could indicate a leak that needs to be repaired so the refrigerant can be filled.

The fins on the outside of the condenser make up the backside of the coils, and these have to be open and unobstructed, so the technician may need to work on these with a fin comb.

Important parts to check on the air handler indoors include the blower fan, blower motor, capacitor, wiring connections, evaporator coils, and condensation drain. The blower may need to be removed and cleaned so it spins freely and doesn't cause the motor to overheat.

Evaporator coils need to be cleaned sometimes too so the refrigerant can remove heat efficiently. The condensation drain is checked and cleaned if needed because if it is dirty inside, it will cause water to back up in the air handler or on the floor and cause problems.

What AC Maintenance You Need To Do

An air conditioning maintenance technician does most of the work to keep your AC in good shape, but you have some important tasks too. Be sure to change the filter when you're supposed to, which might be monthly, and make sure nothing blocks the air handler vents or the condenser outside. This includes weeds and bushes.

Your AC needs plenty of airflow to complete the job of cooling your home, so check both parts of your AC regularly to make sure there are no obstructions or dust and dirt buildup you need to clean off the vents.

To learn more, reach out to an air conditioning maintenance service today.


9 September 2020

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