Boiler Repair Troubleshooting Tips to Help You Get to the Bottom of Biomass Problems


If you have a biomass radiant heating system, the boiler needs unique care to ensure your heating works and you have hot water. Therefore, you should troubleshoot problems with your boiler to know the type of repairs that need to be done. The following guide will help you identify problems with your biomass system:

Fuel Feeding Systems for Biomass

The biomass boiler uses a fuel feeding system. This can be a silo with a hopper that delivers fuel materials to the boiler or an auger feeding system. When the fuel clogs the system or causes damage, you may need help with repairs. To avoid a problem, make sure to use the right fuel and check the feeding system regularly. The fuel feeding system should deliver biomass fuel to the burner when it is needed.

Problems with Burner Not Burning Fuel Materials

The burner of your boiler is a complicated system that can have many different problems. Sometimes, fuel materials can cake up on the ignitor, or the fan motor may not be working as it should. If there is no flame when the boiler turns on, clean the compartment inside the boiler. If there is still a problem after cleaning the boiler, call a boiler repair service for help diagnosing the problem causing the burner to not work as it should.

Issues with the Boilmass Boiler Controls and Thermostat

Modern boilers also have computer control panels. With a biomass system, the control panel controls the temperature of the boiler, the fuel system, and the burner. When there is an electrical problem or short circuit, you may need to have the control panel repaired or replaced. If there is a problem with the temperature of your boiler, it could be due to the thermostat. Contact a boiler repair service to replace the thermostat and check your system for other problems.

Boiler Pumps Causing Problems with Plumbing or Heating

Your boiler may use several pumps. These are usually sanitary pumps for plumbing and pumps for heating systems. If the pumps for your system stop working, you might stop getting heating or hot water. Therefore, you want to have the pumps checked and serviced whenever doing boiler maintenance. If there is a pump that is not working as it should, then call a boiler repair service for help with fixing or replacing it if needed.

This biomass boiler troubleshooting information will help you get to the bottom of problems. If you need help with repairs, contact a boiler repair service to fix issues before they get worse.


8 July 2020

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