To Cover Or Not To Cover Your Air Conditioner…


As winter sets in, you may be wondering whether you should cover up your air conditioner's outdoor cabinet or leave it uncovered. It's a question that still sparks plenty of debate throughout the HVAC industry and, depending on who you ask, you'll likely receive plenty of different answers. The following takes a deep look at both sides of the argument so you can make your own informed decision. The Case for Covering Your A/C Unit

28 December 2019

Why Does Your HVAC System Produce Bad-Smelling Air?


One of the great things about having an HVAC system is that it will make your building feel comfortable at any time during the year. However, that comfort may not mean much if there is a smell coming from the air vents. Here are some reasons why you may have foul-smelling air. Replace Or Clean The Air Filter Start by looking at the air filter in the HVAC system. If it hasn't been cleaned or replaced in a long time, it is possible that it is filled with foul-smelling debris that is being carried through your entire business.

20 November 2019

Your Heater And Odd Odors


Taking proper care of your home's heating system can help it last a long time. Proper heating system maintenance includes having a tech come out to check the system over and make sure everything is running correctly before you start to use it for the winter. Once you have the heater properly maintained, you can prevent many issues from happening. However, you do still want to watch for problems and many of them can present themselves in the form of odd smells, which should occur less often with that maintenance.

17 October 2019

3 Signs That It's Time To Have An Air Conditioning System Installed In Your Home


If your home doesn't already feature an air conditioning system, you may wonder whether investing in one would be worth the money. Here are a few signs that making the investment will be well worth every penny in the long run. You're Tired of Cleaning Fans The fans you have strategically placed around your home might make spending time indoors feel more comfortable when it's hot outside, but you have to continually clean them to keep then in good running order as time goes on.

15 September 2019

How To Buy A Great AC Unit For A Residential Property


One of the most important investments you could ever make for your home is an AC unit. It's what decides the interior temperatures. If you're in the market for a new cooling system, these tips will guide you to the right purchase. Find Out Home's Square Footage There are different sizes of air conditioners today. The larger the system, the more square footage it can support. To ensure you order the right AC unit size, think about the particular size of your home's interior.

7 August 2019

Tips For Recognizing The Signs Of A Cracked Heat Exchanger


During the freezing winter months, most households run their heater often, to keep their home at a comfortable temperature. In most cases, this is not a problem at all, but heating systems can experience issues that can be very problematic and need to be repaired right away. One of the most serious problems a heating system can have is a cracked heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is a sealed component of the heating system where combustion occurs and warm air is created.

1 July 2019

4 Signs Your Central AC Is Low On Coolant


When a central air conditioning system is working properly, it should be able to keep your entire home as cool as you would like. Unfortunately, though, central AC systems can experience problems, and one of the common problems is low coolant. If your system is not working well, it may be low on coolant, and here are four of the top signs that can help you know that this is the problem your system is experiencing right now.

22 May 2019

Is Your Air Conditioner Too Small?


Air conditioners have revolutionized the comfort of indoor living, producing cool air that can make your home a welcome respite on a hot summer day. You want your AC unit to function as efficiently as possible to produce the right temperatures while minimizing energy consumption. One common problem that homeowners face is an undersized air conditioner. You can determine if your own air conditioner is too small by watching for these warning signs.

19 April 2019

3 Reasons To Add A/C Coils To Your Spring Cleaning List


It's been a while since you last used your A/C system, so chances are it's due for a spring cleaning before putting it back into service. But as you take care of those dirty ducts and clogged air filters, don't forget about tackling your A/C system's dirty coils. The condenser and evaporator coils are prime targets for dust, dirt and even mold growth, especially after months of disuse. The following highlights three important reasons to have your coils cleaned by an experienced HVAC professional as a part of your A/C system's springtime cleaning regimen.

5 March 2019

3 Reasons To Consider Geothermal HVAC


Most people are surprised to learn how complicated the heating and cooling process actually is. While you may think it only heats and cools your home, the heating and cooling system actually conditions the air, making it not only comfortable but also healthy. Of course, the conditioning process does require a good amount of energy, which can be costly for some. Thankfully, geothermal systems are beneficial for anyone who wants to condition their space in an efficient, effective, and affordable manner.

22 January 2019