Is Your Air Conditioner Too Small?


Air conditioners have revolutionized the comfort of indoor living, producing cool air that can make your home a welcome respite on a hot summer day. You want your AC unit to function as efficiently as possible to produce the right temperatures while minimizing energy consumption.

One common problem that homeowners face is an undersized air conditioner. You can determine if your own air conditioner is too small by watching for these warning signs.

Your AC Is Constantly Running

The easiest indicator that your AC unit is undersized is the constant running of the air conditioner throughout the day. A unit that is sized appropriately will run in cycles. Cool air will be produced for a short period of time, and then the AC unit will turn off. Only when the air temperature rises above the thermostat setting will the AC kick on once again.

If your AC never stops running, it is having to work too hard to cool your home. Installing a larger unit will result in more efficient cooling in the future.

You Have Warm and Cold Spots

An air conditioner that is functioning properly will evenly cool your entire home. An undersized air conditioner will create hot and cold spots that compromise the comfort of your living space.

Undersized units are too small to force cooled air into the rooms that are located the farthest away from the unit itself. This means that the rooms closest to the air conditioner will be ice cold while the rooms toward the end of the AC run will be noticeably warmer.

You can eliminate these hot and cold spots by having HVAC contractors install a larger air conditioner in your home.

Your Home Never Gets Cool Enough

Another tell-tale sign of an undersized AC unit is a home that never gets as cold as you would like.

Always check to ensure that your AC has adequate refrigerant levels, has a clean air filter, and is free from leaks when cooling becomes compromised. If there are no mechanical issues with the unit, then the cooling inadequacies are most likely the result of an undersized unit.

Installing a larger air conditioner will give you access to the power needed to adequately cool your home and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the upcoming summer months.

Contact your HVAC specialist if you suspect your air conditioner is too small. These professionals can help calculate what size air conditioner you need and install a new unit before the heat of summer arrives.


19 April 2019

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