4 Signs Your Central AC Is Low On Coolant


When a central air conditioning system is working properly, it should be able to keep your entire home as cool as you would like. Unfortunately, though, central AC systems can experience problems, and one of the common problems is low coolant. If your system is not working well, it may be low on coolant, and here are four of the top signs that can help you know that this is the problem your system is experiencing right now.

Your system runs but only blows hot air

The first sign that your system is low on coolant is if the system is running as it should be but is only blowing hot air. There are times when a central AC system will not blow any air at all or will not even turn on. If the system is running, though, but is blowing hot air instead of cool air, it is often a sign that the system needs more coolant.

Your system is short-cycling

The second sign to watch out for is short-cycling. Short-cycling is a process in which a system will run for a short period of time and will then shut off. Shortly after shutting off, the system will again start running. This process will continue to occur over and over until the problem is fixed, and your house will never get cool even though the system keeps running.

Your system never stops running

There are also times when a system will not short-cycle but will run all the time. If your AC system is running constantly and is not cooling your house, it might be due to a coolant leak. Your system will run all the time to try to cool the house down to the temperature on the thermostat, but it will never be able to reach this temperature due to a lack of coolant.

You see ice on the coolant lines

The other sign that the coolant level is low is if you can see ice on the coolant lines. A central AC system uses the coolant to extract heat from the air, and this is how your house gets cool in the summer. When there is not enough coolant present, it affects the pressure in the system, and this will typically result in ice building up on the coolant lines and in the coils of the system.

If you see these signs and need assistance, contact a company that offers AC repairs, such as Any Season Heating & Air Conditioning. Such companies can refill the coolant in your system and find and fix any leaks that might be present.


22 May 2019

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