What You Should Do To Maintain Your Air Conditioning System


Your air conditioning system isn't going to run flawlessly without some sort of maintenance and care on your part. If you aren't maintaining your system, it will eventually wear out and break down, but there will be some warning signs to watch out for. These warning signs should never be ignored, as they are a sign of something major to come and it may be costly if you ignore them. Maintaining your system can save you a lot of money in repair costs in the long run, so you need to take the time to maintain your system. Read on for some of the maintenance tasks you need to be performing on your air conditioning system. 

Clean The Fins

Clean the fins on the condensing unit outside of your home. You should spray the housing with a garden hose to remove dust and debris, then remove the housing to expose the fins on the unit. Remove the dust and dirt on the fins by spraying the unit from the inside out. Don't use a harsh spray on the fins, as they can easily bend, and it can block the flow of air to the unit if you aren't careful. Clean any debris that may have fallen into the unit as well but be sure to turn off the power to the unit itself before you open the housing and begin to dig out any debris from inside of the unit. 

Remove Air Blockages To The Condensing Unit

Anything that may be blocking the air to your condensing unit should be removed from around your system. You need to remove anything growing too close to your unit, or anything that is being stored too close to your unit. You should have several feet of clearance all the way around your unit to allow for a good flow of air. Without air to your unit, the unit itself will "choke" and will not run properly. This can also happen if the unit is too dirty. The condensing unit needs to "breathe", so be sure it has a good flow of air.

Change The Air Filter

The air filter inside of your home helps with the flow of air and the quality of air in your home throughout the summer months, in addition to the winter months. Be sure you are changing this air filter during the summer months, in addition to the other months throughout the year. Remove the old filter and replace it with a new one to ensure your system continues to run properly and ensure you have the best quality of air in your home. Air filters can be found at hardware stores, big box stores, or wherever HVAC accessories are sold.

If you haven't been maintaining your air conditioning system, you may be setting yourself up for a premature breakdown of your system, and some hefty repair costs. 

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17 March 2023

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