My Furnace Constantly Blows Cold Air Into The Home–What Is Causing It?


Getting through a winter with a faulty heating unit can be a distressing experience. Yet, many people find themselves in such a situation because they overlooked furnace maintenance ahead of the heating season. Moreover, a furnace that blows cold air into your house and still uses your fuel can be annoying. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot why the system has malfunctioned and come up with possible solutions. Consider these common causes. 

When You Set the Temperature Controls Wrongly

Your furnace only heats the home when it receives a signal from your thermostat. So, if you set the temperature too low, the reaction chain that turns on the furnace will not occur, and your home will remain cold. The good news, you can easily fix this by turning up the temperature on the thermostat. However, if the rooms fail to heat up when you reset the thermostat, get a technician to assess your unit for problems. Sometimes someone may switch the fan set to on when handling the controls, which leads to the fan spinning and blowing cold air. In such a case, turning the fan back to automatic should restore the heat.

Lack of Heating Fuel

The furnace needs a source of fuel to heat the home. So, before assessing other parts of the system, you should check the fuel tank and ensure you still have some. If you use oil or natural gas to operate your unit, ensure you haven't depleted your fuel before checking other parts of the system. Note that it is best to get a full tank of fuel to keep the furnace running throughout the winter.

The System Keeps Overheating

The furnace could also blow cool air into your home if it keeps overheating and shutting down. Note that overheating could stem from restricted airflow or other issues within the system. For example, a damaged filter can also lead to the system overheating. In this case, replacing the filter will restore airflow into the system and stop overheating.

Leaking Ductwork

The ducts move the hot air throughout the home. However, if they have holes, hot air will escape and allow room for cold air to end up in your rooms. In this case, sealing the leaks is the perfect way to resolve this problem and restore heat in every room.

These are common reasons your heating unit might blow cold air into the home. It is advisable to consult a trusted heating contractor and find out what could be causing the problem in your home and resolve it.

Reach out to a furnace repair contractor to learn more.


28 November 2022

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