Should You Stick With Boiler Heating?


Boiler heating systems warm a house or other structure by warming water. They may heat the water and send water itself through pipes. Or, they may heat the water until it turns to steam, and then send the steam through the pipes. Regardless of which type of boiler system your home has, you may be wondering whether you should stick with it when you have your heating system replaced. After all, boiler heating is not as common as it once was, at least in new construction.

Replacing an existing boiler system with another type of heating system is not always a good move, though. Here are some reasons to consider sticking with boiler heating.

It doesn't blow air through the home

Aside from boiler heating, most other types of heating systems blow air through the home, at least to some degree. The downside to this is that it scatters allergens through the home, leading to an increase in symptoms for those who struggle with allergies to dust mites, mold spores, and other indoor substances. The air also scatters dust, so you have to clean more often. Boiler heating does not displace air and doesn't contribute to these problems.

It doesn't require big wall spaces for ducts

If you're in a home with boiler heating, it was probably built to accommodate that type of heating system. The spaces between the support walls and the drywall may not be very big because they didn't have to be. Boiler pipes are small. Installing another type of heating system, at this point, may require some extensive modifications to walls, which can be costly and time-consuming. If you instead just stick with a boiler, you can leave the walls and pipes intact.

It's energy-efficient

Some people are turning away from boiler heating because boilers cost a bit more than other heating appliances. But in the long-term, you may actually save money by replacing your boiler in kind. Boiler systems are energy-efficient. It will generally cost you less to run a boiler system than a forced air system. This is good for the earth and also for your budget.

If you have boiler heating in your home and you need a new heater, there are some very good reasons to just replace the boiler with a new one. Boilers may not be hip and modern, but they continue to be good choices for a lot of homeowners in many regions.

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28 September 2022

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