How To Maximize The Benefits Of An AC Installation


Whenever someone has an AC company install a system, they should aim to maximize the benefits. This involves more than putting in the best air conditioning system on the market. If you want to get the most from your setup, discuss these three things with the AC installation contractors. 


A lot of your long-term dealings with the system are going to depend on the placement of the main components. Particularly, you will want to maximize the ability to service the system. If indoor components are in hard-to-reach places, that will make AC repair work down the road harder to do. In many instances, the air conditioning company will have to remove more components to get to other ones to do repairs.

You will want to install the components in locations where technicians can easily move around them. There should also be nearby space to station tools and replacement parts during the repair process. Even if it means installing longer ducts and lines to support the system, better placement can make a major difference.

Quantifying Needs

You should calculate air conditioning needs by measuring the square footage of each room you wish to cool. For example, a 450-square-foot room takes about 10,000 BTUs of cooling. You might need additional capacity, though, if the room has unusually high ceilings. Also, there may be greater demands if you're going to have more than a couple of people in each room at any given time. There may also be greater demands if you're going to frequently operate something that runs hot in the room, such as an oven or a high-end gaming computer.

Make a point to explain your use cases to the technicians before they plan the AC installation process. If you're going to use part of your home as a full-time office for business, for example, you might need extra capacity because folks may be opening the door as they come and go.

Filtration System

One of the easiest things for homeowners to do on their own is to replace the air filters in their AC systems. Regularly replacing the air filters can keep the system running smoothly and will likely push off the first AC repair issues by a couple of years. Talk with someone from the AC company about the filtration system. A technician can show you where the filter is and how to change it. Likewise, they can tell you which types of filters to use for optimal performance.

Contact an HVAC contractor for more information about AC installation.   


9 September 2022

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