What to Consider When Doing a Ducted Air Conditioning Installation


Are you considering installing a new AC? You'll likely settle for a ducted AC if you have a large building. However, there are several things to consider before you go ahead with it. For example, how much will it cost? With a skilled AC installation service, you will get answers to all your concerns and get the unit you need. What are some of these considerations when doing a ducted AC installation?

1. The Advantages of a Ducted System for Your Situation

The first consideration is how appropriate is a ducted system for your building? There are several advantages of ducted systems over others. For example, a ducted system allows you to cool/heat multiple zones from one unit. If you have a large home with several rooms needing cooling and heating, ducting can make it much easier (and less expensive).

2. The Size of the Conditioner Needed

The size of a conditioner needed depends on several factors. First, consider how hot your space gets on an average day. Another consideration is whether you have low or high ceilings and whether you have an open floor plan or many separate rooms. 

The square footage you need cooled and ventilated will determine how much work a single unit can handle. The AC installer will have an accurate way of calculating the size needed.

3. Where To Install the Air Conditioning Outdoor and Indoor Units

Space availability considerations are important for AC installation. An outdoor unit should be placed in a shady area, away from direct sunlight, but not in front of an open window or door that could let cold air inside. You must have space for installing this unit. 

The indoor unit should also be placed away from furnaces or other heat sources. You should also know if you need a dedicated circuit for your air conditioner to avoid overloading the electrical system.

4. Air Conditioning Efficiency Rating

The higher your air conditioner's efficiency rating, the more it will cost you in energy and maintenance over time. The Energy Star is the most commonly used rating for efficiency. The Energy Star program is a voluntary labeling program to protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. But different states have their required minimum efficiency rating. Ask your AC installer about these minimums.

5. Cost of Running the Unit

Air conditioners vary widely in their cost of operation. Generally, the bigger the unit, the more you can expect to pay to run it. But costs also depend on your climate; if you live in an area with moderate temperatures year-round, you'll spend less money than someone who lives in a hot area.

A properly installed ducted AC can deliver expected comfort in residential and commercial premises. Contact air conditioning installation services to discuss your expectations for a suitable unit. 


29 April 2022

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