Air Conditioning Services To Enlist Regularly Once You Bring Home A Furry Animal


Bringing home your family's first furry friend can be incredibly thrilling. And due to the excitement, you could easily forget that having a new pet in the home means taking on a considerable amount of responsibilities that you previously never thought of. In addition to ensuring that your new pet is on a healthy diet, gets their required vaccinations, and so on, you also need to pay extra attention to your air conditioning system.

What some people are unaware of is how furry pets, more so the ones that shed a substantial amount of fur, will negatively affect the performance of their air conditioning system. If you do not want to contend with expensive repairs, check out the following air conditioning services that you should enlist regularly once you bring home a furry animal.

Regular duct cleaning

Although pet hair will shed gradually, you should keep in mind that the dander is lightweight so it can easily be transported into your vents. The more pet dander accumulating in the ductwork, the higher the chance of blockages forming in these structures. Before you know it, you start to notice that your air conditioning system's airflow is diminishing. Moreover, you should also know that pet fur can contain dirt. And when this grime collects in the vents, bacteria and other pathogens will infest the pet dander.

As a consequence, your home's air quality is compromised and this will manifest as breathing problems and aggravated respiratory problems in your home. Take note, cleaning the vents is not a DIY job, as you could easily injure yourself or damage the ducts. Hence, to maintain the air quality of your home and the performance of your air conditioning system, you must hire an AC technician for comprehensive duct cleaning regularly.

Monthly filter cleaning/replacement

The second challenge that you may face as a new pet owner is the premature clogging of the air conditioning system's filter. Admittedly, the filter is tasked with filtering minuscule particles such as dust from the air before it is circulated in your household. As such, these filters are designed to last for serval months before they need cleaning or replacing.

However, when you bring a furry animal into the home, the filter is bound to clog faster than normal since the pet fur will steadily clog its surface. Hence, your air conditioning system is susceptible to overworking in an attempt to push air through the filter, which will result in increased energy costs. Instead of paying inflated electricity costs, it is best to have an AC technician clean or replace this filter monthly. 

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5 November 2021

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