Air Conditioning Installation To Prepare For A Cool And Comfortable Summer


Planning an AC installation project can be a lot of work. You want to have the right system and solution for your project. There might be other improvements that you want to do for your overall HVAC, such as installing smart controls and updating the ductwork for improved efficiency. The following guide will help you with the planning of your AC installation project.

Plan the Project

Planning is important in any project, but planning is crucial when it comes to installing a new AC system. In fact, proper planning can be the difference between a smooth installation and a lot of frustration. There are four specific aspects of planning you should address before moving forward with your project. You need to decide what type of AC to install, the size of the unit, and any additional HVAC improvements you want to do during the project.

Order the Right AC Unit

When it comes time to order the AC unit for your installation, you want the right system for your needs. There are things to consider, like the existing air conditioner. Is it undersized or oversized? If it is, you might need to get a slightly smaller and bigger unit. In addition, you also have options like a conventional air conditioner or an AC heat pump. Discuss these different options with your installer to ensure you are making the right choice for the needs of your home.

Plan for Your Ductwork

It's only after an AC installation is well underway that homeowners learn how much their ductwork costs to replace. Fortunately, the ducts are relatively easy to replace. If they're damaged and full of leaks, it's expensive to replace them all at once. Instead, you might make minor repairs to the ducts during AC installation, then schedule ahead for more extensive repairs if problems arise. Planning for the ductwork before the installation will help you account for these extra costs.

Plan for Smart Controls for Your HVAC System

Smart thermostats let you change the temperature in different parts of the house at different times. You can set warm temperatures for when you're in the living room and bedrooms and cooler temperatures for the kitchen, where more activity takes place. They can be part of a more complete zoned HVAC design. Many homes have hot and cold spots, which is where a zoned HVAC design can help. Instead of cooling the entire house, the central air conditioning system only cools the parts of the house that need it.

Planning is essential to upgrading your home's AC system. Contact an AC installation service to get started with the planning to complete the project before summer.


4 October 2021

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