Factors That Influence The Location For An AC Installation


If you're bringing in an energy-efficient AC system, you expect it to help you save substantially on your huge energy bills every month. You must know that the placement of the new unit has a direct impact on energy consumption. If so, you'll need to plan for the AC installation to ensure your system isn't working more than necessary. Many variables determine the performance of your AC unit. But you must position it in an aerated area with ample shade. You must work with an AC installer to help you position the system strategically. This is the only way you'll avoid unnecessary repairs, adjustments, and unit depreciation. A professional HVAC technician will assess your home's ventilation, number of appliances in a room, insulation, and floors before picking an appropriate spot for the AC installations.  Here are other considerations when choosing an AC installation location.

Prioritize Shaded Location

Subjecting your AC unit to extreme heat negatively affects its performance. If it has to bear high temperatures, it must work extra hard to sustain ideal heating and cooling. When you position it in a shaded area, you reduce the exertion and the strain it has to go through to keep your home in optimal condition. You can speak to an HVAC technician to offer guidance on an ideal spot. Usually, the northern side of your home makes a perfect position. Equally, you can opt for a position under a tree shade, but make sure the tree doesn't shed excessively or drop debris all over your outdoor unit. Remember to install the unit in a spacious area that facilitates access and easy maintenance.

Place It High

Cold air is dense and tends to concentrate at the bottom of the room or space. You must consider this when mounting your AC system. For instance, placing your mini-duct system too close to the ground means it has to contend with the cold air all the time. If you mount it higher, the unit guarantees adequate cooling and efficiency. Your HVAC installer can recommend adding fans but installing the AC unit several feet from the ground allows it to handle air distribution evenly. Remember to place the unit to facilitate easy filter cleaning, change, or repairs.

Optimize the Position

Even though you'll need the external unit positioned optimally, you must consider the views from inside. Ideally, you don't want the unit blocking your gracious view out in the yard. As such, consider placing it on the side where there are no windows.  If you're buying a mini-split ductless system, you can enjoy the easy installation. Experienced HVAC professionals can install the unit where it blends with the exteriors without degrading the curb appeal. Modern AC units produce some noise, and you must place them away from the patio, study rooms, or close to your neighbor's home.


17 August 2021

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