2 Signs The Condensate Drain Line In Your Home's Central Air Conditioner Is Clogged


As part of its job, your home's central air conditioning system does not only cool the air but also removes the moisture in it. As the moisture is pulled out of the air, it is channeled to the condensate line that allows the excess water to drain out and away from the other components inside of the unit.

However, since the line is constantly moist inside, it is prone to blockages caused by mold and mildew growth, as well as dust and dirt in dry weather. When the line becomes blocked, it can no longer drain the water out, making the unit prone to further fungal growth, as well as increasing the chances it will freeze.

There are a couple of signs for which you should be on the lookout indicating that the line has become clogged.

1.  Air in Your Home Starts to Feel Unusually Muggy

One sign that the A/C unit's condensate drain line is clogged is when you notice that your home feels unusually muggy. The air conditioner may be cooling the house properly, but the air remains humid.

If the line starts backing up, the moisture that should be drained away stays inside the unit. The moisture then evaporates back into the air before it is delivered to your home's vents, keeping the humidity level in your house high.

2.  Pools of Liquid Form Around the Base of the A/C Unit

Another sign for which you should look when trying to determine if your condensate line is blocked is a pool of liquid around the base of the A/C unit. Once enough of the condensate backs up into the unit, it will start to spill out from the base of the unit.

However, this liquid could also be refrigerant. If you are not completely sure what the liquid consists of, stay away from it and have a professional determine its source.

While it is possible to remove the drainage line and clean it yourself, you must be careful that you do not damage it while removing and replacing it. Also, since the liquid may not be condensate but refrigerant, you must be sure that the liquid is water. If you do not feel completely comfortable with doing the task yourself, contact an air conditioning repair contractor in your area to have them check the drainage tube and other components, as well as safely clean the line for you.


5 April 2021

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