Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling The House?


The air conditioner is an integral part of every residential property today. Without it, your summers can become unpleasant because it will be impossible to stay in your house comfortably. Even sleeping soundly will be difficult due to the excessive heat. As such, it's important to ensure the air conditioning unit is functional at all times. Unfortunately, the air conditioner can stop blowing cold air suddenly. When this happens, all the comfort and convenience you were relying on will be gone, and the only way out is to get air conditioner repair service. But why would the AC stop cooling a house as expected? Some causes are outlined below and their possible solutions.

The Outdoor Unit Is Dirty

The air conditioner has an indoor unit (evaporator) and an outdoor unit (condenser). The evaporator is designed to absorb heat from the AC and transfer it to the condenser. However, if the outdoor unit cannot dissipate the heat as required because it is dirty or has debris, it will not cool your house. Such a condenser needs some cleaning, so get a hose pipe and spray air on the unit. Please don't use a high setting because it can bend the fins that let the air flow to cool it. You may also get rid of any dry leaves and weeds surrounding your air conditioning unit.

The Refrigerant Is Leaking

A refrigerant is a liquid that's designed to absorb heat. If your unit lacks enough of it because of a leakage, it will be impossible for the system to absorb enough heat to cool the rooms. So, verify if you have a refrigerant leakage issue by looking out for signs like a hissing noise and ice buildup on the outdoor unit or refrigerant line. You may also notice that the air conditioner is cooling the house when the weather is a bit cool but cannot meet the cooling requirements on hot days. When you notice the signs, you'll need to turn off the unit and get an air conditioner system repair technician. If you opt to let it run instead of repairing it, the compressor will be sluggish, damaging the system beyond repair.

The Thermostat Is Defective

Your AC's thermostat is designed to detect temperature alterations and making sure that your home is cooled as per your needs. However, if it's malfunctioning or damaged, it will be impossible to cool your rooms. So, make sure you get an HVAC expert to check the thermostat and repair it if it's broken so the system can cool your home correctly.

Every time your air conditioner fails to cool your home, it means that a specific component has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced or repaired. So, get a reliable HVAC contractor to handle the air conditioner repair right away.

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2 March 2021

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