Poor Heat Pump Performance? Possible Repair Options To Consider


Heat pumps have been around for decades but have become increasingly popular in recent years due to increasing concerns about using petroleum fuels for residential heating. In addition to being a more earth-friendly heating option, homeowners can also enjoy quiet, comfortable heat for their home at a more affordable cost. 

Like other heating systems, however, a heat pump uses moving parts and electrical components that are subject to wear and damage that can cause them to perform less efficiently or even stop working. If your home is equipped with a heat pump that has begun to show signs of poor performance, here are some repair issues you may need to explore. 

Exterior conditions and refrigerant levels

In some instances, homeowners can quickly and easily address the problem of reduced heat coming from their heat pump system. A common example of this is when heavy snow has fallen, covering all exposed exterior components. Homeowners can usually correct this problem by carefully removing snow with a broom, soft brush, or water hose until all surfaces are completely cleared. 

When reduced production of heat is not attributed to snow cover, low levels of refrigerant is a possible cause to consider. Since loss of refrigerant in a closed heat pump system is most often due to the formation of one or more leaks, it will be necessary to have the system professionally tested for leaks and repaired, before additional refrigerant is added. 

Timer and valve issues

Heat pumps have valves and timers to reverse the flow of refrigerant and determine when to initiate the defrost cycle that is necessary to produce heat for the home. If any of the valves or timers become worn or fail, heat production will fall or stop and the home's interior temperature will quickly fall to an uncomfortable level. Diagnosing and repairing these issues should be handled by a properly trained technician. 

Bearings, fans, and compressors

Like many other types of heating appliances, heat pumps utilize compressors, fans, bearings, and other moving parts to produce, collect and move heat into the home. When any of these components begin to fail, homeowners may notice a variety of clues including unusual squeaking, grinding, or metallic sounds. 

This type of noise, coupled with poorer heat quality can result in more serious damage or complete failure of the heat pump system. To get experienced assistance with these or other problems with your residential heat pump, homeowners should contact a reputable heating system service specialist to evaluate their system and make necessary repairs. 

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22 January 2021

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