AC Repair Tips: Why Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking?


Have you noticed that your air conditioning system is dripping water? This is a clear sign that it's time to seek air conditioning repair services right away because the damage that results from a leaking air conditioner can be massive. Other than causing the unit to malfunction, you could be forced to repair your floor or ceiling. 

Even if you'll have contacted a professional to repair the cooling system, it's still crucial to know what caused the problem in the first place to ensure the issue doesn't occur again. This post will share the reasons why AC systems leak.

The Drain Pan Is Damaged Or Overflowing

When the air conditioner is cooling your home, it absorbs heat and draws moisture from the hot air. The refrigerant absorbs the heat, whereas the moisture trickles down and is collected in a drain pan, a component that's located under the indoor air handler.

As you continue to use the cooling system over the years, the drain pan can get corroded and rust or crack. This will force the water that's collected in it to start leaking into the home. If the drain pan is cracked, then you can use a water sealant to fix it. But if it's damaged, you will need to replace it. Remember, a qualified professional must handle the replacement work since it has to be welded in place.

The Drain Line Is Blocked

The water that's in the pan is usually drained out of your home via the drain line. However, mold, dust, and other debris forms can create a grimy blockage in the pipe, hence blocking the water from flowing.

As a result, the excess in-water stock will fill up the drain pan and start spilling over onto the attic floor, and may eventually get to the walls. The only solution is to contact the HVAC technician to clean the drain line so water can drain freely out of the house.

Air Conditioner Isn't Installed Properly

Another reason why your air conditioning system may start leaking is poor installation. Usually, experts consider several factors before installing an AC. Besides, they have the knowledge, so they can do the job correctly. For instance, they will ensure the front part of the unit is cooler compared to the rear part so water can be drained effectively.

They will also ensure the unit is inclined correctly to prevent leakage. Therefore, consider assigning the AC installation work to an expert so the unit can drain water properly.

If your AC is leaking, contact an AC repair service for help.


18 January 2021

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