Is a Heat Pump a Wise Choice for Your Home?


Thinking about adding some air conditioning to your home this upcoming summer? If so, you may be considering a heat pump as a way to do it. Here are some reasons for and against having a heat pump installed in your home.

Why Use a Heat Pump

You may be considering a heat pump because it can actually double as a method for heating and cooling your home. A heat pump works by simply moving heat, no matter where that heat is located. If it's in your home during the summer, it will move the heat outside. If you need to bring in warmth during the winter, it will move heat inside your home. Many homeowners do not realize this about heat pumps, which causes them to be dismissed as a serious heating and cooling option.

Once the system is installed in your home, a heat pump can actually save you money on your monthly energy bills. This is due to the system being cheaper to operate compared to a traditional central cooling. The unit will also reduce the impact that cooling your home has on the planet, which is something you may be seeming out as an eco-conscious homeowner.

Why You Shouldn't Use a Heat Pump

One barrier of entry to using a heat pump is how much it cost to have installed. It is going to be more expensive than your alternative cooling solutions, which means that many homeowners cannot afford a heat pump. Though the machine will save you money in the form of long term savings, you still need the cash upfront to purchase one.

While the heating benefits may seem like a huge advantage of a heat pump, know that it only works in some climates. If temperatures are frequently below freezing, you'll need to have an alternative heating method to use as a backup during those times.

A heat pump can also be quite loud to operate. While this should not be much of a concern due to the main unit of a heat pump being outside, you need to consider the placement of where the heat pump is installed. You'll want to avoid placing it near a window where the sound is more likely to leak through to the inside of your home.

If you've decided that you want a heat pump for your home, contact an HVAC professional to help you select and install an air conditioning system. 


21 January 2020

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