Are Heating Costs Eating Up Your Household Budget? Boost HVAC Efficiency With These Tips


Home heating costs often take a huge bite out of the average household budget. When the home is located in an area where harsh winter weather occurs regularly, the amount of the budget that must be spent on heating can become even more troubling. If worries about your home heating costs for the coming winter are already keeping you up at night, the following tips can help boost your HVAC's efficiency and reduce the amount you must spend to keep your home and family warm.  

Consider the type of furnace you currently have

An important tip that many homeowners overlook is the type of furnace they currently have, and the cost of the fuel required for it to operate. Homeowners who live in an area where electricity is very costly may be able to see significant levels of savings on their heating bill by replacing an electric furnace with one that uses a less expensive fuel, such as propane or natural gas. 

Resolve any issues that could force your furnace to struggle 

Another thing that homeowners should always consider when trying to get their heating costs down is any issues in the home that could cause the furnace to work harder than it should. These issues include: 

  • a lack of adequate insulation in the home
  • faulty windows and doors
  • humidity problems 
  • air flow problems 

Additionally, there can be issues with the way doors and windows are used in the home during cold weather. Doors that are not closed promptly, windows that are left open, and garage doors that are in the open position can all work to reduce the interior temperature of the home and force the furnace to work harder and cost more to operate. 

Follow good maintenance practices

Most HVAC contractors agree that the simple act of changing the furnace filter frequently is one of the most important things a homeowner can do to reduce wear on their heating system and keep it operating as efficiently as possible. Homeowners who find they forget to change their furnace filter on schedule may want to: 

  • set a reminder on their smartphone calendar app
  • subscribe to a filter service that will ship the right filter to the home each month on a regular schedule
  • assign a responsible family member to handle the task

Homeowners can also see savings on their home heating bill by making sure their system is functioning properly throughout the heating season by having it assessed and serviced regularly by a reputable furnace repair contractor in their area. 


4 September 2018

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