Possible Options for Repairing a Slab Leak


It's overwhelming and frightening to discover your home has a slab leak. You might envision the need to bust up your floors and walls to pull out the new pipe and replace it. There are different options for repairing a slab leak, depending on your individual situation. It all starts with identifying the leak and pinpointing its location. Here's what you might encounter when dealing with a slab leak.

The Source of the Leak Is Found

It's important to find out if you're dealing with a single leak or if the pipe has several leaky spots. If the soil shifted under the foundation, the pipe may be damaged in multiple areas. The pipe might also be so old that it's failing in different places. Your plumber can use equipment to tell exactly where the pipes are buried under the slab and where they are leaking. This information helps determine the best way to make repairs.

The Pipes Might Be Replaced

If it's determined the pipes are old and corroded or if there is damage to multiple pipes in several places, then new plumbing pipes might be installed. This is an option to seriously consider if the pipes are old and corroded because new leaks could develop at any time. Repiping replaces the old pipes with new ones, so you shouldn't have to worry about the pipes leaking any time in the near future.

A Pipe Might Be Rerouted

If the damage is confined to a single pipe and the pipes are in good condition otherwise, then the pipe might be rerouted. The old pipe is blocked off and kept in place. A new pipe is connected to the plumbing system and routed along a different location such as up a wall and under the ceiling, depending on how your house is built.

Repairs Might Be Done

Another possible option is to dig up the broken pipe and repair it. This might be done if there is one leak and it has been pinpointed. This requires busting up the concrete in your foundation to get to the pipe so repairs can be done. Once the pipe is repaired, the concrete is patched. This is a messy and disruptive option, but it might be necessary in some cases. Your plumber will decide on the best method for repairs by assessing the extent of damage and determining if rerouting is possible.

Fixing a slab leak can require extensive repairs, but you don't want to put them off. A leak not only drives up your water bill, it keeps your home damp. Dampness attracts bugs and it can cause water damage, so you don't want it to go on for very long. Talk to an HVAC contractor who provides plumbing repair services.


21 May 2018

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