Furnace Preparation Tasks For Fall


The fall season is upon us, which means the cold weather is just around the corner. Now is the time that you put your air conditioner to rest until next spring and begin thinking about your furnace, which will be needed very soon. Waiting until it is actually cold to test your furnace, may end up leaving you out in the cold. See below for some preparation tasks for your furnace this fall season:

Replace The Air Filter

Replace your air filter if it's in need of changing. Check the filter to see if it's dirty if you aren't sure of the last time you changed it. Hold the filter up to the light to see if you see any light coming in through it. If you aren't able to see any light, it's time to change it. The air filter in your HVAC system should be changed every other month or every month if you have pets and a lot of dander in your home.

Check Your Thermostat And Furnace

Test your thermostat and furnace to be sure the thermostat is working properly and is sending the signal to your furnace to turn on/off properly. Change your thermostat to the "heat" setting, then adjust the temperature so it signals the furnace to turn on. Listen for the furnace to turn on, allowing it to run for a few minutes until it reaches the proper temperature and turns off properly. Be sure the furnace doesn't cycle too much, listen for any loud noises, banging or clanking, and pay attention to any funny smells, such as gas.

Clean Your Furnace

Clean the furnace to get rid of dust and debris that may have settled into your furnace over the last several months. Open up the panel and check the inside. Use a shop vacuum or your household vacuum with the extension hose to clean the inside of the furnace. Sweep out whatever dust and debris you can see. Clean up the area surrounding your furnace as well. Anything that could be surrounding your furnace and block the airflow to your unit should be removed.

Prep your furnace before the cold weather approaches. Call a professional heating and air company to have your furnace prepped, cleaned and tested for you. A professional HVAC company can also help lubricate moving parts and can troubleshoot and repair any issues your furnace may be having before it gets too cold.

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6 October 2017

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