Autumn Is The Right Time For Air Conditioning Service - And Here Is Why!


As the nights become cooler and the trees begin to show off their beautiful fall colors, homeowners may not be thinking about their home's air conditioning systems, but perhaps they should. In fact, there are actually many good reasons to think about your cooling system components at this time of year and here are some of the best. 

Summer cooling demands can leave your A/C system in grave need of service or repair

The hot, dry summer experienced over much of the country has pushed many home air conditioning systems to their limits. This type of round-the-clock usage leaves systems dirty, with serious wear and tear on mechanical and electrical parts. To help mitigate this type of damage, homeowners should consider a fall service plan that includes: 

  • changing the air filter and cleaning the entire system, including cleaning the coils, fans, and cleaning out the condensate drainage tube
  • checking refrigerant levels and repairing any leaks that are found
  • cleaning the humidifier unit, if applicable
  • checking all interior and exterior units and components for wear and repairing or replacing as needed

Handling A/C maintenance needs in the fall means not getting caught off guard next spring

Putting off air conditioning maintenance or repairs until spring is never a good idea. In fact, doing this can create a situation where homeowners forget that the system needed service only to experience disappointment when trying to start the system during the next cooling season. By scheduling a fall service for your home's air conditioning system, you can be confident that you will not have any unpleasant surprises when you next need to use your cooling system.

Fall is the time to take advantage of seasonal price breaks 

Another excellent reason to have your air conditioning system serviced in the fall of the year is that it will give you an opportunity to take advantage of seasonal price breaks and off-season specials that often apply during this time. This is especially important for homeowners who may need to replace a major component or even their entire HVAC system, because they may be able to find significant close-out discounts on show room models or those that are being discontinued. Models that are discounted in this fashion typically still include warranties and installation, while offering considerable savings over those bought during the peak selling season. 

In addition to all these reasons, your air conditioning service contractor, like your air conditioning system, is under less demand during the cooler fall season. With far fewer emergency calls during this time, homeowners can enjoy faster response times when scheduling a fall servicing for their air conditioning systems. 


19 September 2017

Learning About HVAC Services

Hi there, I am Nadine Bachmier. I am going to discuss the various ways HVAC contractors can keep the temperatures in your business stable. HVAC contractors focus on maintaining and repairing the air conditioner, furnace, and ductwork used in your building. To keep the heating and cooling system in good shape, contractors may need to replace internal components, clean out channels, or simply perform a full upgrade. I will talk about the tools and techniques used to maintain and repair the equipment in your building. I will also share information about new products as they hit the HVAC market. I hope you will follow along and learn all you can.