Knowing When Your Walk-In Cooler Needs Repairs


The success of your restaurant depends on your ability to serve customers the freshest and most delicious menu items available. Since many of the ingredients used in the preparation of menu items are purchasing in bulk, having access to a functional walk-in cooler is critical when it comes to keeping your food items fresh.

Here are three simple signs that you can be watching for when trying to determine if it's time to invest in some repairs to keep your walk-in cooler functioning properly in the future.

1. Damaged Door Seals

The first thing you should do when trying to determine if your walk-in cooler is in good condition is examine the rubber seal around the cooler's door. This seal is designed to create an airtight barrier that helps to keep cooled air inside the appliance.

Over time, the rubber seal can become damaged or start to deteriorate. A damaged door seal will leave your walk-in cooler's efficiency compromised, so you should have a repair technician come out and replace the damaged seal as soon as possible to ensure your restaurant's food stays fresh.

2. Excessive Frost

While the interior of your walk-in cooler is designed to stay cold, you shouldn't notice any frost forming on the interior surfaces of the cooler. Frost that forms inside of your walk-in cooler could be an indication that the appliance isn't working properly.

The compressor responsible for cooling the appliance could be malfunctioning, causing the temperature within the cooler to fluctuate. These temperature fluctuations lead to the formation of excessive frost. Be sure to have your walk-in cooler inspected for signs of compression failure if you notice frost forming on the cooler's interior surfaces.

3. Strange Odors

Your nose can be a valuable diagnostic tool when it comes to determining if your walk-in cooler is functioning properly. A cooler that is in good working condition operates via a closed system. This means that the refrigerant responsible for cooling the appliance's interior is never exposed.

When hoses begin to leak, refrigerant can seep out of your walk-in cooler. This refrigerant will generate a strange odor near your walk-in cooler, signaling that it's time to have a professional look at the cooler and make some repairs to keep it functional in the future.

Being able to care for your walk-in cooler ensures that your restaurant will have access to the fresh ingredients needed to produce quality dishes. If you notice damaged door seals, excessive frost, or strange odors coming from your cooler, have a professional service, like Golden State Commercial Equipment Repair, send someone out to examine the appliance and make repairs as quickly as possible.


6 September 2017

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