Say Goodbye To The Swamp Cooler And Get True Air Conditioning


If you've been trying to use an evaporative cooler, you know that it's next to impossible to keep the house cool on humid days. You even have to keep the windows open a bit to help regulate the moisture coming out of the evaporative cooler, which makes the heat inside the home even worse. There comes a point where the supposed energy savings offered by swamp coolers just aren't worth it because your house gets so uncomfortable, and if you've reached that point, it might be time to consider switching over to real central air conditioning.

Works When Humid

With central air, humidity is not a factor in whether or not you can cool down. The air conditioner actually draws out humidity from the air, making your home feel much more comfortable without needing excessive use. The unit must be sized properly for your home, but once you get the right size in there, you'll notice a world of difference.

Better Temperature Control

Because you aren't going to be as captive to the whims of the local weather, you'll find the temperature control in a central system is a lot more consistent. It's true that very, very hot days, when temperatures are at record highs, could be tough to deal with, but that would be true for any system. Central air makes those days easier to get through because the whole system works together to control increases in temperature in your home. Even better is the fact that central air doesn't create humidity like evaporative cooling does, so you don't get that extra-close feeling in the air if the system is on for a long time.

Less Water Use

Central air does not need water to run. Evaporative coolers are called evaporative because they do need water so they can expel cool water vapor into the room. If you switch to a central system, then, you'll find your water bills dropping.

Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons people try to use evaporative coolers is that they tend to use less energy than central air -- or at least, that's the way it was in the past. New energy-efficient central air systems allow you to run central air without incurring energy bills that are excessively expensive. Your local energy rates do play a role, but overall, you shouldn't see a huge jump.

Central air has really improved over the past few decades. If that old evaporative cooler is not serving you well, you may want to finally make the switch to central.

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10 April 2017

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