Appliance Lock Out: What To Do When It Happens To Your Gas Furnace


Keeping your gas furnace in good working order not only improves its ability to heat your home, it also keeps your family safe during the winter. But if your furnace suddenly shuts down, you might have a problem called appliance lockout on your hands. Appliance lockout occurs when a furnace's sensors locate or sense a safety risk and automatically shut down the appliance. The problem can be as simple as a dirty air filter or as dangerous as a clogged intake or exhaust vent. You can find answers to your locked out furnace with the tips below.

Check the Air Filter

If your home tends to be dusty, even during the cold season, it can affect the safety of your furnace over time. The return air ducts in your home can pick up dust and transport it to your furnace. The excessive dust can clog up your furnace's air filter and cause the appliance's limit switch to shut it down early. The limit switch senses when the internal temperatures of the furnace exceed normal levels.

Most air filters last up anywhere from one month to six months, depending on what goes on in your home. For example, if you own pets or have a dusty house, you may need to change your filter earlier than the product's manufacturer recommends. You can also examine your air filter regularly to see if you need to change. In this case, dust might cover the filter's surface completely. 

Get Your Vents Checked

If your furnace remains in lockout mode after you change the air filter, contact a heating repair specialist right away. You may have problems with one of your heating system's intake and exhaust vents. Vents allow toxic odors, gas, and other emissions to leave the appliance during operation. If the vents clog up with dust, dead rodents, or even snow, they won't perform well. The toxins can back up into the home and endanger your family.

A heating specialist can examine the vents inside and outside the home. If the vents do have clogs, a contractor can clean them. A contractor may suggest that you clean out your air ducts as well. Although it doesn't happen in every case, dirty vents can allow contaminants to enter a home's air ducts and block them. The furnace may shut down if it experiences a reduction in airflow.

If you want to learn more about appliance lockout, contact a heating service provider today.fhe


10 April 2017

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