Special Appliance Repair Considerations For "Two-In-One" Appliances


Space-saving appliances and appliances that require no major hookups or ventilation are very popular with consumers. These machines allow consumers to use them in apartment settings, and avoid having to cut holes in walls or create new pipelines. If you are drawn to "two-in-one" machines, just be aware that they have some special appliance repair needs that you should consider prior to purchasing these appliances.

Two-in-One Washer/Dryer

A two-in-one washer dryer where both machines occupy the same metal box and the same space but with different operation buttons is definitely a tricky machine to repair. On the one hand, it is a front-loading washer that floods with water, spins, drains and cleans your clothes. On the other hand, after the wash cycle is complete, you press a separate set of buttons to start a drying mode. Both functions in and on the same machine means that the agitator and dryer tumbler are the exact same thing. If something goes wrong internally with the shared parts, all of the functions and cycles in the machine are affected. 

Two-in-One Refrigerator/TV

Some of the newest high-end refrigerators have a flat screen TV in the door where the ice maker usually sits. If something goes wrong with this refrigerator, it may affect the TV and/or vice versa. Your appliance repair technician will have to take a closer look at how the TV's components and wiring are integrated and protected with the refrigerator before proceeding with repairs.

Two-in-One Garbage Disposal/Dishwasher

Some dishwashers now come with their own personal "insinkerators." These small garbage disposal units at the bottom of the dishwasher's well help grind up larger food particles so that you do not have to worry about the particles jamming up the dishwasher's hoses and drain. Of course, some owners get a little carried away and dump entire pans of pasta and whatnot into the dishwasher/garbage disposal appliance, and the garbage disposal unit inside cannot manage large amounts of large bits of food. Ergo, the machine gets jammed up and may even produce a burnt food odor because the food cannot go through the appliance's garbage disposal unit.

Two-in-One Gas Grill and Range Stove

A gas oven now doubles as an indoor gas grill and range stove. You can grill meats and cook your sides in sauce pans at the same time, all using natural gas as the fuel. This should be ventilated for safety, but open windows are sufficient for grilling. Issues with the gas connections and burners are your most common cause for concern.


31 March 2017

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