Cracked Toilets: A Plumbing Reality


Toilets are sturdy pieces of plumbing equipment. This is why some people get alarmed when they discover that their toilets are cracked. One of the most shocking signs of a cracked toilet is water on the floor around the base of a toilet. However, it is wise to ensure that a crack is the cause. This is because broken wax seals can also cause toilets to leak. Some cracks in toilets are obvious, but there are some that are harder to find. The following points will help you to better understand how toilets get cracked and actions you should take if it happens in your home.


The older toilets get, the more they wear down just like most things in your home. For example, you do not expect your appliances to last forever and generally expect to replace them at some point. If you have an older toilet in your home, chances are it was not designed to be energy efficient. This means that by keeping your aged toilet, you are likely wasting water, which is a valuable resource. You are also possibly putting yourself at risk for water damage when the toilet finally gives in to its age and cracks. 


If you have had to make simple repairs to your toilet recently, be mindful of potential leaks. Even though toilets look sturdy, remember they are made of porcelain. This means that rough handling during a repair could cause a crack to occur. It is also possible for certain hardware tools to come into contact with the porcelain and cause it to chip or crack. The best way to avoid a crack from repairs is to allow a professional to complete the repair. If you choose to do your own repairs, exercise caution and take your time. 


There are many people who abuse their toilets and do not realize it. For example, plopping down on a toilet with force rather than sitting down gently could cause a crack. Perhaps you have a habit of leaning back on the tank of your toilet while sitting. This can also exert pressure into the tank area of a toilet and cause it to crack. 

A plumber is a good resource to use if you suspect you have a toilet crack that you cannot find. If you locate the crack, you may be able to temporarily patch it. Keep in mind that this is a temporary fix because the patch will only temporarily seal the porcelain. Make plans to get a new toilet installed by a plumber to protect your home from water damage. A cracked toilet can also be a safety issue depending on the location of the crack.


15 March 2017

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