Winter Is Coming: How To Prep Your Heating System


It's not a great idea to wait until cold weather comes to start prepping your home's heating system. You'll end up being in a scramble to get everything ready, when you can do it a little bit earlier in the season and take your time. This is what you need to know about getting your home's heating system ready before winter arrives.

Change The Filters

Your heating system's filter is designed to keep out all of the dirt and debris that could otherwise pass through your home. Over time, the filter gets clogged and causes problems such as reduced airflow. That is why you need to replace the filter regularly, and start off the winter with a fresh filter in place. Since you've had your HVAC system off for the past few months, it will also give you a good starting point, so you know when it's time to change it again.

Check The Vents and Ductwork

It is possible that there are vents around your home that were closed when the air conditioner was last running. Go around your entire home, and make sure that all of the vents are open. It may also be worth cleaning off the vents with a vacuum cleaner if they are covered in dust. It's also worth having professional duct cleaning done if this is the case, since if dust is collecting on the vent covers, There is a potential that there is a lot more dust in the system as well.

Perform Furnace Maintenance

Do you know the last time you had your furnace inspected? If not, you are probably well overdue to have it done. A furnace inspection is something that can be done by a local HVAC specialist, and you can even buy a service plan to ensure that it is done annually. They will check for the following things to make sure that it will run properly for the winter.

  • Check the intake grill for blockages
  • Inspect the blower, and clean it if necessary
  • Look for damage on the main heat exchanger, such as cracks and corrosion
  • Lubricate moving parts, such as the motor
  • Check electrical connections for corrosion and rusting
  • Look for obstructions in the flue
  • Test safety controls
  • Replace belts that are worn down

Once all of these things are done, your heating system will be ready for when it starts getting used during the winter. Contact heating service companies for more info.


8 March 2017

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