Troubleshooting A Heat Pump That Blows Cool Air


A heat pump is an alternative to a traditional gas or oil furnace. These work by pumping warm air into the home and removing cooler air from inside the house. They are an efficient source of heating in most cases. The problem is when the heat pump isn't bringing in warm air, which results in a cold home. The following guide can help you deal with this issue.

Is the air really cold?

If this is your first time heating with a heat pump, you may be surprised to discover there really isn't a problem. Heat pumps provide a constant stream of even-temperature air, as opposed to forced air furnaces that provide short bursts of super heated air. This means the air temperature coming out of the vents is less than your body temperature, so it feels cold, but that the ambient air temperature is being heated to a comfortable level. If you think this may be the case, check the thermostat – if the house is at or above a comfortable temperature, then your heat pump is working fine.

Is the cold return connected?

Once you are sure the heat pump is really blowing cold air, your first task is to check the cold air return trunk. This is connected to the air handler in the attic. If it has become disconnected, then cold air is circulating through the house instead of being pumped outside. Simply reconnect the trunk to the handler to solve the problem.

Is snow blocking the unit?

Snow drifting against the outdoor unit can also cause the pump to stop working properly, simply because the snow will block the pump so it can't bring in fresh air. Shovel the snow from around the unit and make sure nothing else blocks it, such as fallen leaves, to ensure that it continues working properly.

Is the unit clogged?

A heat pump requires regular maintenance. This includes changing the filters, checking the refrigerant, and cleaning out the system on an annual basis. Schedule an inspection and tune-up annually to make sure everything is running at peak efficiency. Your technician will also check the compressor and valves to make sure they are in good condition, since this can affect the ability of your heat pump.

Is the thermostat working?

If you have tried everything else and cold air is still blowing, then the thermostat could be to blame. Move it to the AC, off, and then back to the on position to see if that puts it back into warm mode. Failing that, try setting it at a much warmer temperature than what is comfortable to try and get more heat to blow through. Worse case scenario is the thermostat may need replaced.

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1 March 2017

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